My keynotes

Listed below, you’ll find my recent keynotes:

14. “Verso una nuova architettura dell’informazione (anticipata)” (WIAD 2017, Verona-Trento 2017)

13. “From Strategy to Daily AI” (Design AI, Fluel 2017)

12. “Platfirm, Markething, Algorhythm, Leadershift” (Social Business Forum, 2015)

11. “Life Meaning | Life Mining – Data As Our Ultimate World Interface” (Better Decisions Forum, 2014)

10. “Firms, Markets, Consumers do not exist out there” (Social Business Forum, 2014)

9. “Decisive Social Technologies” (Better Decisions Forum, Italy, 2014)

8. “Toward a New Digital Realism (VII Summit of Information Architecture, Italy, 2013)

7. “Time Space Agency. A Data-Intensive Social Business” (Social Business Forum, 2013)

6. “Space and code: when bits come home” (Assintel Digitale, 2013)

5. “Big data” (D LaRepubblica, 2013)

4. “The Internet of Things .. and People, Animals, Algorithms” (DMA, 2012)

3. “Big Data: Are you ready for the big data age?” (WADAY, 2011)

2. “Computational Advertising  Innovation” (Auditing Innovation, A+, 2011)

1. “HyperLocal Analytics” (WAS, 2011)

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