Big Data and Marketing Metrics (2013)

“Recent empirical studies show that successful companies are distinguished by their ability to use “big data” for strategic decision-making at senior-level (Brown et al., 2011; LaValle et al., 2011; Manyika et al., 2011; Shah et al. 2012). What is missing is a study that thoroughly explores and defines the phenomenon of metrics in the context of “big data” and that provides a holistic investigation of the interdependent role of marketing metrics and financial metrics for senior-level management within the current information and technological landscape. A research agenda is suggested to study whether senior-level managers are guided by a set of marketing metrics or whether the traditional financial metrics still dominate in organisations. In particular, this agenda explores five research challenges that deserve the attention of current and future marketing research”


Published by

Cosimo Accoto

Research Affiliate at MIT | Author "Il Mondo Ex Machina" (Egea) | Philosopher-in-Residence | Business Innovation Advisor |

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