A #bigdata perspective on IA

“It seems like everyone been talking about “big data” recently, speculating on the future of AI and intelligent systems. Big data has been characterized in many ways, from Doug Laney’s original 2001 “3Vs” model to the various recent extended “4Vs” descriptions. Laney’s three Vs are volume, velocity, A Big-Data Perspective on AI: Newton, Merton, and Analytics Intelligence for Complex Systems and variety; the fourth V could be variability, virtual, or value, depending on whom you ask. To most, those Vs indicate “bigness”—big size, fast movement, many types, and significant impact. To me, the “bigness” of big data is derived from its “smallness,” or more precisely, for its inclusion and use of data stemming from all degrees of volume, velocity, variety, value, variability, and so on, whether virtual or real. In particular, big data implies that the long-tail effects on personal living and business operations will be a normal mode in the future. But what does big data really mean in the era of cyberspace?”



About Cosimo Accoto

Visiting Scientist at MIT (Boston). Formerly, Partner and VP Innovation at OpenKnowledge http://www.open-knowledge.it/en/ | Books author and coauthor (recently published "Social Mobile Marketing", Egea 2014, 2e) | Digital theorist and international researcher | Analytics industry speaker | @cosimoaccoto | http://www.linkedin.com/in/cosimoaccoto | cosimo.accoto@open-knowledge.it |

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