Interrupt, dataspace and the sensorium of the world #bigdata

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Big Data is emerging from the interrupt process because finally the dataspace of software is connected to the sensorium of the world. Have a lot to this entry 😉

“The interrupt fundamentally changed the nature of computer operation, and therefore also the nature of the software that runs on it. The interrupt not only creates a break in the temporal step- by- step processing of an algorithm, but also creates an opening in its “operational space.” It breaks the solipsism of the computer as a Turing Machine, enabling the outside world to “touch” and engage with an algorithm. The interrupt acknowledges that software is not sufficient unto itself, but must include actions outside of its coded instructions. In a very basic sense, it makes software “social,” making its performance dependent upon associations with “others”—processes and performances elsewhere. These may be human users, other pieces of software, or numerous forms of phenomena traced by physical sensors such as weather monitors and security alarms. The interrupt connects the dataspace of software to the sensorium of the world” (Interrupt, Yull, in Software Studies: A Lexicon, The MIT Press).

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Cosimo Accoto

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