Social Networks and Socio-semantic Systems (Roth, 2013)

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“Socio-technical systems involve agents who create and process knowledge, exchange information and create ties between ideas in a distributed and networked manner: webloggers communities of scientists, software developers and wiki contributors are, among others, examples of such networks. The state-of-the-art in this regard focuses on two main issues which are generally addressed in an independent manner: the description of content dynamics and the study of social network characteristics and evolution. This paper relies on recent endeavors to merge both types of dynamics into co-evolutionary, multi-level modeling frameworks, where social and semantic aspects are being jointly appraised. Case studies featuring socio-semantic graphs, socio-semantic hypergraphs and socio-semantic lattices are notably discussed” (Camille Roth, 2013, image from “Socio-semantic Systems”)

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Cosimo Accoto

Research Affiliate at MIT | Author "Il Mondo Ex Machina" (Egea) | Philosopher-in-Residence | Business Innovation Advisor |

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