reading “The Art of Data Center” (by Douglas Alger, 2013)

“Welcome to the engine rooms of the Internet. Filled with rows of sophisticated computing equipment, massive air conditioners and elaborate electrical systems, Data Centers power the Internet, foster productivity, and drive the global economy. They’re also flat out cool—ultramodern technology chambers with peta-flops of processing and megawatts of electrical capacity. I began working in Data Centers more than 15 years ago, first stocking supplies and inventorying hardware, and eventually designing and managing dozens of these specialized computing environments for Cisco. I also visited hundreds of other Data Centers during those years, taking tours and chatting with their designers and managers whenever possible. Data Center folks are all trying to wrestle the same set of physics to the ground, and I’m always curious to see what elegant (or maybe not so elegant) solutions people have implemented. The idea for The Art of the Data Center  originated in 2009 while I was working on a different book, Grow a Greener Data Center . I was writing about geothermal cooling and wanted to provide examples of Data Centers constructed underground and discovered Bahnhof’s co-location facility in Stockholm. Housed in a former nuclear bunker, it was dubbed “The James Bond Villain Data Center” by several technology websites thanks to unique features such as man-made waterfalls and a glass-walled conference room that looms over its data hall. I smiled at the cinematic touches such as dramatic lighting and artificial fog and wished I knew more about it” (from the Preface, The Art of Data Center, 2013)
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