Handbook of Social Media Management (Springer, 2013) #socialmedia #management #research

[…] More and more we can see a continuous change from the old Media Management to new strategic, operative and normative management options. Social Media Management has become an issue for every media company with a renewed “skill set”- specialized knowledge for the digital products and production and for marketing and target groups. This emerging development of media shift nowadays requires increasingly for active communication in the fundamental segments of these scholarly disciplines. The interface of media economy/media management provides the relevant arena in this matter.

– Management with Social Media.

– New Value Chain with Social Media.

– Forms and Content of Social Media.

– Social Media: Impact and Users.

Most of the chapters are interdisciplinary approaches. Main questions (among other) are:

– What are the specific effects of Social Media on Media Management Research?

– How is the value chain changing?

– What are the main changes of business models?

– Are there new theoretical approaches? Is it possible to combine “old” and “new” theories?

– Do we have some new empirical results?

– What are the proposals for the development in this research field?

Seventy-five Media Management researchers from the whole world are involved in this book. With very different content and methodical attempts the contributions also permit an interesting comparison of the developments in each country.

(from the Preface of Handbook of Social Media Management, 2013, Springer)

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