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[…] The concept of managing information assets in a formal manner has been established. Now we need a process to ensure that management actually takes place and is being done correctly. Unplug your technology thinking and turn on your accountant thinking. Accountants manage financial assets. Accountants are governed by a set of principles and policies and are checked by auditors. Auditing ensures the correct management practice of financial assets. This is what data governance (DG) accomplishes for data, information, and content assets. DG is defined in the DMBOK as, “The exercise of authority, control, and shared decision making (planning, monitoring and enforcement) over the management of data assets.” In turn, governance is defined as, “The exercise of authority and control over a process, organization or geopolitical area. The process of setting, controlling, and administering and monitoring conformance with policy.”1 This definition is, of course, roughly synonymous with government. Slightly different definitions are often stated with an emphasis on the policy and programmatic aspects of DG. The one we use in our consulting work is, “Data governance is the organization and implementation of policies, procedures, structure, roles, and responsibilities which outline and enforce rules of engagement, decision rights, and accountabilities for the effective management of information assets.” Regardless of style of definition, the bottom line is that DG is the use of authority combined with policy to ensure the proper management of information assets. Make sure you do not confuse the management of data with ensuring data is managed […] from “Data Governance. How to Design, Deploy, and Sustain an Effective Data Governance Program” (John Ladley, 2013, p.11).

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