Data governance: cultural readiness is the ability to collaborate #socbiz

[…] A specific area of cultural readiness is the ability to collaborate. This activity measures the amount of collaboration or other cooperative behaviors in existence and, in some organizations, may include Facebook-type constructs or even Twitter. This assessment is important when content management, document management, and workflow are within the realm of the DG team. Additionally, the assessment is handy if the business has picked up on social networking as a possible enabler of business goals. This assessment is usually done via examination of the technology available, its extent of deployment, and its usage. Additionally, a brief survey, similar to the “Change Capacity,” can be used to see if the organization even wants to collaborate. This is not a trivial subject. As organizations become more sophisticated in their ability to reach across organizational boundaries, the need to leverage and manage the collaboration increases. There is also an opportunity to improve how an enterprise makes decisions by instituting and managing collaborative and social technologies. If anything like this is on the enterprise radar, then this assessment should be considered. Lastly, often companies have a situation where SharePoint or Lotus files are out of control. This assessment offers a chance to zero in on this issue” (Data Governance, Ladley, 2013: 78)

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