A new book “Ask, Measure, Learn” (2014)

A new book on social media analytics covering all the topics related to social media measurement

[…] While there are many different metrics for reach per social media type, none of them are well set to measure awareness by itself. While it is easy to reach many potential consumers with a sufficiently big media budget, it can be hard to make them remember the brand. Direct marketeers often try to build such awareness by employing a so-called trigger that will make the audience react, such as a phone number to call or a question to answer. Those actions will make the audience remember the brand more easily. Social media now offers a bigger range of technical possibilities to trigger a reaction. The Ford example from the introduction to this chapter is already a highly elaborated one. More simple ones can be as easy as just clicking, “like” or “retweet”. With one mouse click, consumers can much more easily react or engage with these channels versus traditional media, and their reactions can be measured. Here are some examples:

▪    How many people clicked something? The biggest example here is click-through rate (CTR), which is well known from web analytics.

▪    How many people redistributed a given article? This could mean that they tweeted, scooped, pinned, liked or shared the article in any other form.

▪    How many people engaged with a given article—replied, discussed, or reacted in any form? How many people copied content or took the main idea from an article? […]

(from Finger and Dutta, “Ask, Measure, Learn”, 2014)

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