Technontologies and Value Vectors (Accoto 2105)

Forget the Big Data 3V’s. Tuning my framework grounded on: 1) time, 2) space and 3) agency. I started to call it “digital realism” to stress the process of digital eversion of the real. I think it’s time to go beyond the current trivial big data and digital transformation discourse and to focus on 3 foundational dimensions: 1) imbricated and preempted time, 2) sensed and transducted space and 3) coded and entangled agency  and to stress 3 business vectors grounded on this technontological architecture: a) value design; b) service design and c) experience design (Accoto 2105)

Schermata 03-2457104 alle 18.48.03

Schermata 03-2457104 alle 18.48.12

About Cosimo Accoto

Visiting Scientist at MIT (Boston). Formerly, Partner and VP Innovation at OpenKnowledge | Books author and coauthor (recently published "Social Mobile Marketing", Egea 2014, 2e) | Digital theorist and international researcher | Analytics industry speaker | @cosimoaccoto | | |

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