Oltre l’esperienza e verso l’ex-perienza (Accoto 2018)

Ripensare filosoficamente cosa sono gli “oggetti” in un mondo digitale. Due design thinker di calibro come Redstrom e Wiltse alla ricerca di nuovi modelli speculativi per superare il concetto di oggetto e di esperienza (in linea col mio “Il Mondo Dato”). In attesa dell’uscita a settembre 2018 del loro nuovo “Changing Things. The Future of Objects in a Digital World”, dalla loro prospettiva di ricerca: “Taken to an extreme, these traditions suggest that when the ostensive experience of a thing is adequately accounted for, there is not much more to be said about its role in human affairs. However, this is no longer (if it ever was) the case as we attempt to get
 a grip on contemporary things. On the contrary, relying on user experience as an analytic frame occludes much of what goes on with and through such things, and the significant structural and functional elements that exist beneath the surface of what is perceivable on their user-facing surfaces … Getting a grasp on
 these fluid assemblages in order to responsibly design with and within them requires moving beyond the anthropocentric viewpoint of traditional user-centered design -even as it is precisely human experience and integrity that we care about”

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Cosimo Accoto

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