Bits to Bitcoin (2018)

“Software, processes, computations—these are some of the conventional terms for the most important “stuff” in this domain. Regardless of the words we use, the software has an intriguing dual nature. On one hand, software is something real that can affect the world directly; on the other hand, in some ways software is just the shadows cast by computational engines as they run. As other writers have observed, programming is more like the casting of magic spells than like writing literature or building machines. The effects of programs can take place without the participation of a reader, in contrast to the nature of literature; but the material of a program is more like the words of a novelist than like the physical materials of other engineering disciplines” (Mark Stuart Day, Bits to Bitcoin, MIT Press 2018)

Published by

Cosimo Accoto

Research Affiliate at MIT | Author "Il Mondo Ex Machina" (Egea) | Philosopher-in-Residence | Business Innovation Advisor |