AI Super-Powers (Kai-Fu Lee, 2018)

“[…] As artificial intelligence filters into the broader economy, this era will reward the ‘quantity’ of solid AI engineers over the ‘quality’ of elite researchers. Real economic strength in the age of AI implementation won’t come just from a handful of elite scientists who push the boundaries of research. It will come from an army of well-trained engineers who team up with entrepreneurs to turn those discoveries into game-changing companies. China is training just such an army. In the two decades since my lecture in Hefei, China’s artificial intelligence community has largely closed the gap with the United States. While America still dominates when it comes to superstar researchers, Chinese companies and research institutions have filled their ranks with the kind of well-trained engineers that can power this era of AI deployment” (Kai-Fu Lee, 2018, 83)

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Cosimo Accoto

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