La blockchain economy

La blockchain in una prospettiva criptoeconomica istituzionale. Un testo per approfondire l’orizzonte economico dei criptosistemi (per come sintetizzato nel cap 3 del mio Il mondo ex machina). Da innovazione tecnologica > a innovazione infrastrutturale > a innovazione istituzionale.

“[…] Institutional cryptoeconomics adds another institutional form to this schema: blockchains. Blockchains are an economic infrastructure, alongside markets, the firm, governments, clubs, and the commons, for coordination and exchange. They have distinct economic characteristics that give them the potential to complement, and in some circumstances directly compete with, this existing suite of institutional choices. Institutional innovation at this scale is rare. If our analysis is right, distributed ledgers are an institutional innovation with comparable significance to the invention of the joint stock company in the sixteenth century or the spread of representative democracy in the nineteenth: they are a new mechanism with which we govern and coordinate economic activity. The rarity of institutional innovation is one reason that institutional cryptoeconomics is such an exciting field …” (Berg, Davidson, Potts, 2019)

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