#Bigdata: beyond the concept of segmentation

Note 1: from a logic of “set” to a logic of “emergence”

“So-called #Bigdata are not relevant because they support a “micro-segmentation” of customers. This is the trivial discourse about the “data-intensive” marketing. This outdated perspective depends on the persistent vision of a marketing approach based on the logic of “set” (micro or macro, it does not matter). My viewpoint is that we are currently (but not consciously) shifting to a new logic: the logic of the “emergence”. Ontologically speaking, “customer” does not belong to a micro-segment (to be/not to be an element of a set); instead, the probability to be a “customer” emerges and varies (microsecond by microsecond) according to the computational and scoring capabilities of customer databases and devices to produce a modulated, temporally and spatially situated and embodied, “dividuality” (Cosimo Accoto, 2013)

Schermata 05-2456431 alle 18.44.31

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Cosimo Accoto

Research Affiliate at MIT | Author "Il Mondo Ex Machina" (Egea) | Philosopher-in-Residence | Business Innovation Advisor | www.cosimoaccoto.com

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