Big science and collaboration (Boisot et alii, 2012, Collision and Collaboration)

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“This cyclical process of knowledge generation, articulation, generalization, dissemination, internalization, and application traces out a “social learning cycle” or SLC. As indicated in Figure 2.2, it consists of six phases, which are further elaborated in Table 2.1. An SLC is an emergent outcome of the data-processing and transmission activities of agents interacting within and across groups of different sizes. To the extent that individual agents can each belong to several groups, each locatable in its own I-Space, they will participate in several SLCs that interact to form eddies and currents. As one aggregates different groups into larger diffusion populations, however, their respective SLCs merge to create a slow flowing river. Figure 2.3 suggests that SLCs come in different shapes and sizes that reflect how extensively a given group invests in its learning processes and in which specific phases of the SLC its investments are concentrated” (Boisot et alii, Collision and Collaboration, 2012)

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