reading “Raw Data is an Oxymoron” (ed. Gitelman, 2013) #Bigdata

“Like events imagined and enunciated against the continuity of time, data are imagined and enunciated against the seamlessness of phenomena. We call them up out of an otherwise undifferentiated blur. If events garner a kind of immanence by dint of their collected enunciation, as Hayden White has suggested, so data garner immanence in the circumstances of their imagination. Events produce and are produced by a sense of history, while data produce and are produced by the operations of knowledge production more broadly. Every discipline and disciplinary institution has its own norms and standards for the imagination of data, just as every field has its accepted methodologies and its evolved structures of practice. Together the essays that comprise “ Raw Data ” Is an Oxymoron pursue the imagination of data. They ask how different disciplines have imagined their objects and how different data sets harbor the interpretive structures of their own imagining. What are the histories of data within and across disciplines? How are data variously “ cooked ” within the varied circumstances of their collection, storage, and transmission? What sorts of conflicts have occurred about the kinds of phenomena that can effectively — can ethically — be “ reduced ” to data?” (ed. Lisa Gitelman, 2013, “Raw Data is an Oximoron”, The MIT Press, p. 3)

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