out “Robot Futures”, The MIT Press, 2013 by Illah Reza Nourbakhsh #bigdata

“[…] After months of data mining on makes and models of cars and which orders correlate to each type of vehicle, the system reliably estimated what the short-order cooks should deliver as customers drove up. Bob extends the Internet landing page strategy to the parking lot. Even privacy advocates have trouble finding fault with Bob. The computer system is only recognizing a car and making a guess about what the car’s occupants will order. If the company does not sell that information and does not associate the purchaser’s identity with the car’s details, then the invasion of privacy can seem minor. The company can even expunge details about when the car visits, removing information that otherwise could have legal value in a court case, for instance, establishing the validity of an alibi. Recognizing cars well enough—perception—and making the right decisions about what to cook—cognition—were unthinkable at this level ten years ago. Today this is nearly standard practice” (by Illah Reza Nourbakhsh, Robot Futures, The MIT Press, 2013, p.11)

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