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“I understand the temporality of database aesthetics as a system that may re-present the past, a system that may make the past present again. But not in the sense that is merely reconfigured by a technological process. Here I do not picture the past as an outside to be grasped by the database and organized. Rather I view the database as a process. Importantly, this is a process that not only changes the information that it archives but is also generative of a particular type of presentness in which the information is accessed. This is a process that brings pastness and presentness; a process that does not sit outside or beyond the everyday life, but rather a system that is involved in a process with everyday life; a system that is necessarily temporal” (p. 161-162) in Time and the Digital: Connecting Technology, Aesthetics and a Process Philosophy of Time, by Timothy Scott Barker; 2013, University Press of England)

See in particular, chapter 8 “DATABASES AND TIME”

• Multi-temporality and Frames
• Organizing Temporality
• Events and the Archive
• The Database in Time
• The Database and Temporal Relationships
• Reterritorializing Data
• Databases and the Extension of Occasions

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