Quotes from my next book … ;-) #bigdata #beyondbigdata

“Quantified selves (Ostherr 2013), social machines (Semmelhack 2013), ambient commons (McCullough 2013) are data actants” | from my next book |

 “Data Ontologies: Totality, Immediacy, Premediation are the ontological vectors reshaping businesses and organizations” | from my next book |

 “In a data deictic perspective, a quantified, networked and anticipated self is emerging as new marketing platform” | from my next book |

“In a data-intensive age, “real-time” is an ontological continuum spanning from subperceptuality to embedded temporalities” | from my next book |

 “Data deixis changes the logic of the customer segmentation. It’s no longer a logic of set, rather a logic of emergence” | from my next book |

 “The ‘data continuum’ paradigm is reshaping customer information markets and systems as well as industry boundaries” | from my next book |

“Looking at data as new personal and partecipatory markets devices is a way to deeply understand our data-intensive age | from my next book |

 “Market, marketing or marke-things intelligence? In an ubiquitous data age, the situated analytics performs operations | from my next book |

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Published by

Cosimo Accoto

Research Affiliate at MIT (Boston). Formerly, Partner and VP Innovation at OpenKnowledge http://www.open-knowledge.it/en/ | Books author and coauthor (recently published "Social Mobile Marketing", Egea 2014, 2e) | Digital theorist and international researcher | Analytics industry speaker | @cosimoaccoto | http://www.linkedin.com/in/cosimoaccoto | cosimo.accoto@open-knowledge.it |

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